Important Sites


In the village of Paradisi you can wander around the little alleys of the settlement and enjoy the abundant natural beauty offered so open-handedly by the Creator.

You can stroll along the small river that flows just below the veranda of our tavern and walk to the old water mill and the water fountains further up.

Various festivities take place in Paradisi, such as that of the 1st of May, the Holy Spirit, St John's (on 29th August) as well as other activities organized by the local cultural society.


OCHI mountain and Dragonhouse (1396 m)

thumb_drakospitoFrom the refuge we follow the path that leads north, to the top of the mountain. After a 50' ascent on rather rough terrain it reaches a weathering plateau that resembles a lunar landscape. From here the view to the Aegean is stunning. A number of rare birds nestle on this plateau and its rocks offer shelter to a great many endemic plants. The highest point of the mountain is the peak of Profitis Ilias (1396m).

thumb_a57Just below the peak we find the most important and enigmatic monument of Ochi: the Dragon-house. The archaeologists maintain that it may have been a place of worship dedicated to Hera or Hercules. According to mythology the coupling between Hera and Jupiter happened on the top of OHI.

The mountain was named due to that event (OHIA = Copulation, Join). The construction is made of huge monolithic stones and the thickness of the walls reaches up to 1.5m. This building is one of the earliest samples of architecture in our country (6th - 7th century B.C.) and was thus named by the natives, due to the huge stones - weighting many tons each - with which it had been built